May 13, 2010

2nd Chapter Of Our Fanfic release!!

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CHAPTER 2 – 1st Step To School..

Listen to:
F(X) Thrill Love

[No One’s POV]

Every Beast member are resting in their house after all the chaos they did
Their house

Yoseob and Gikwang are playing PS4 so focus they don’t even hear there’s people knocking the door, probably because living in a very big house they hardly hear what’s going on down there.

Suddenly Doojoon who nap at the bed happily at his very own room, the leader always get a special treatment
Doojoon room

He abruptly wakes up because of the noisy noise. He screams “YAH!! Open the door! Yoseob! Gikwang! I know both of you are down there!”

Meanwhile Dongwoon just get back from jog (at night...?) “Yo! Shinee is in the house”
Onew and Minho just come into the house without asking permission.

“Hey Beast!! I heard our President is sending you guys to school eh?” Onew say while admiring his surrounding. Minho see something weird a chicken statue in their award shelf and ask “Hey what with that chicken?”

“Oh, That’s from getting award that so-called ‘New singer who had six members’ is really made me cry upstage when we got that award” said Junhyung suddenly appear out of nowhere.

“But still why it must be a chicken? Why not puppy, dog or even a kitten? And why must give an award just because you’ve six members. There is still a lot of other group who had six members too.” Minho takes the chicken statue and look at it like he wants to eat it.

“Yah Minho why would be so weird with it, we received the same award last year remember? And we got a kitten for being ‘Absolute Cute’ but you eventually broke it to open a biscuit jar. Anyway hey u still haven’t answer my question yet really that you all actually going to school for ‘study’??”

Onew look at all of them with a very wide smile. Before Yoseob could say anything Onew continue talking “Lucky you that we Shinee are going to be your teacher!”

[DooJoon’s POV]


“Shit! Yah! Can’t you guys actually play quietly! I try to sleep here. And who is here, Onew and Minho what are you guys doing here? Been kicked out from your house already”

I just walk out my room and look around the living room with a weird expression what Minho doing hugging the chicken?

“What with the screaming anywhere?” I ask still confuse seeing Minho kissing the chicken.

Junhyung casually just say “Nothing special just that Shinee gonna be one of our teacher. By the way I heard Hyunjoong already out from the hospital he’s got a shock from what just had happen.”

What? Shinee gonna be our teacher? In what class? How to act cute? I thought of it and say “I don’t care who are gonna be our teacher, I never have any intention to go to school anyway.”

All people look at me speechless. None of them speak a word. But then Onew get up and go to the door “Whatever Doojunie I’m sure that our president will make sure each of everyone of you will go to school. Hey Minho let’s go home.”

Minho gets up and goes to the door before I realize something. “Yah! Put that chicken back to it place don’t you ever thinking to steal it”

Minho looks at me with his innocent eyes and say “But I like chicken, don’t you think it cute?”
Onew take the chicken and put it on shelf and just go out from our house.

I look at all the members and say “Come on let’s run away from here”
Listen to:
Mblaq-Oh yeah

[No one’s POV]

All members of MBLAQ except Thunder are laying on the king size bed. When suddenly Leejoon look at his brand new uPhone and scream and jumping.

“Yah! I heard that our president is gonna study abroad”

“So what so excited about that?” Mir said by taking Joon uPhone and read the text message loudly “Hey Joon just wanna to tell you the hot news, the president of CM Entertainment currently going to study abroad with course ‘how to control yourself from being bankrupt’ is look like your company gonna going down already haha. P/s this message is from an anonymous don’t ask who am I”

“What! Then the CM Entertainment seriously going to bankcrupt if she’s gone right?? By the way I thought it was anonymous but there’s name ID that write ‘our biggest enemy’ huh?” no one actually hear what Mir was talking.

Seungho the leader come across them and stand in front them and say “Well then I just know what to do. Since this company had done many things to us then we’ve got to do something too”

“Wait you’re not saying that we should sell our album by ourselves without wearing anything in front of the company building… right?”

“Joon, I never know that you were that stupid then you really need to go to school anyway”

[Jaejoong’s POV]

This morning so many things had happen. So tired, if I knew earlier that being a principal is so boring and not cool I won’t volunteer myself.

But today something really excited are about to begin. Ho ho ho ho ho…

When I peacefully take a sip at my Sunbuck coffee suddenly there’s someone knocking the door. It was Yunho looking usually charismatic with his Armani suit.

“Yo! They already came which really surprise me a lot really. I already bet with Micky that they would run away and sue the company.”

“What’d you bet with him?”

“Well, I said that I’ll dance shitless in front of this academy”


“I mean shirtless”

“It’s okay, good for promoting this almost bankrupt school. I’m gonna check on them see ya!”

“Wait! Jeaejoongie! That coffee that you drank...”

“What wrong with it?”

“ It already spoil actually, it was mine about 3 days ago and I kinda forget to throw it away… well I’ve to go buh bye!!!”

Yunho run as fast as he can. While me standing speechless looking at the coffee….


*after a little while when I already over it*

I just walk through the almost-collapse hallway straight away to the new class that just form for a super famous idol that so-called ‘why we must study?’
As I stepping in I can feel the atmosphere of IDOL.

“Hello boys I glad that you can make it”

All of them glare at me while I just give ‘em a smirk.

Preview to next chapter:

The transfer student enter the ‘Why we must study’ class. 2pm 1st lesson gonna be hiatus. What actually happen to Hyunjoong?

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Author:Cyeri2806 @
Video by: amazesing  and AznSamManMV

*This fanfic i made it by myself all the character I made base on my own creativity and not their real Characteristic*

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