May 5, 2010

Be The First Reader Of Our Very 1st Fanfic!!!!

Posted by Nez

I really sorry for lack of post >.<, I so0o0o busy with school. Seriously,there are so many homework plus one of our main author have been training to study abroad
So, I kinda have idea for making this Fanfic~^^
The information as below:

The title is
Adapted from korean drama 'master of study'


- this story about CopycatMemory Entertainment had a very big downfall. They have too many artists under their name. Most of them are not even finishing high school yet because want to enter CM Entertainment the famous company. The president had be gone to study abroad on how to manage money major. so the vice president take her place. She(me Cyeri) had a very crazy idea to put the new bands into school so-called Memorycc Private Academy (not so famous school almost close). The members of the bands never agree, see what happen after our fav idol fight themselves to study, all the craziness start here....

CM Entertainment president  : Cyeri
CM Entertainment vice president : AZ94
CM Entertainment Bodyguard : SS501
Memorycc Private Academy Principal  : Kim Jaejoong (DBSK)
Memorycc Private Academy Vice President  : Park Yoochun (DBSK)
Lawyer  : Jung Yunho (DBSK)
The Famous Janitor : Kim Junsu  (DBSK)                                                                     
The adorable manager : Shim Changmin    (DBSK)       

The member of CM class:

All member of BEAST
All member of MBLAQ
(you can ask me to add more character if you want to)

The rest of the characters i'll update tomorrow~^^
 i'll post the very 1st chapter ASAP probably tomorrow

Check out the 1st Chapter
1st Chapter: Introduction
2nd Chapter: 1st step to school..

5 comments on "Be The First Reader Of Our Very 1st Fanfic!!!!"

Anonymous said...

i can't wait~^^
ouh can u put 2pm on this fanfic?

Az94 said...

yo! thanks for putting me as the vice president hohoho

milky009 said...

this thing that u've been talk about eh,
hope u can make this as funny as you can ek..
dun 4get to text me if u already post the 1st chapter.u can ask 4 my help anytime dear =)
btw,why would u put u-kiss or suju?

copycat on May 5, 2010 at 11:50 PM said...

i kinda busy,juz wait until i finish my errands

achyery said...

keep up the good work eh,
hehehe don't stop halfway like before lar XD

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