May 3, 2010

Dara Loses Her Wisdom Teeth!

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2NE1’s 4-D member Dara updated her me2day on April 30th with yet another piece of interesting news to share with her fans…she got her wisdom teeth pulled!
Dara uploaded an adorable picture of herself massaging her cheek. She even added cute animations, like balloons and hearts, all over her face! Her photo came with a quick message saying:
What’s up!?^^ I.. got my wisdom tooth pulled!!! Finally!ㅠke The members were like “What kind of age are you at to get your wisdom teeth pulled”ㅠke and “It’s better to do it when you’re young” what about Babylin! ke Anyways since I got my tooth pulled my cheeks are swollen on one side and it reminds me of last year around this time..^^Kya~! Ah just so you know I didn’t cry when I was at the dentist!^.^V
Many netizens must have been confused about which past incident Dara is referring to  (“…reminds me of last year around this time”), because less than two hours later, she left another me2day entry explaining her run-in with the dentist back during 2NE1’s debut!
Around this time last year we were preparing to debut with Fire after so long… I got my tooth pulled 3 days before the MV filming because I thought it was better to do it before we started activities and that it’d get better within 2~3 days. Usually when I get my teeth pulled I can’t exercise and I rest with an ice pack on but back then I couldn’t do those things… ㅠㅠ I had to keep practicing the choreography …
Hope you feel better soon, Dara!
Source: Dara’s me2day
Translation: GEE@ygladies

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