May 3, 2010

Seungri’s First Love was a Cheater

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Seungri of Big Bang recently sat down and spoke of what many idols are afraid of discussing – past relationships.

During the interview, Seungri told a poignant tale of his first love. As a busy worker in the entertainment business, Seungri often doubted that he would ever find true love. He often had distressing thoughts among the lines of, “I’m busy as hell, how would I ever have time for a girlfriend?” His doubts made him very cautious of contacting even those whom he found interesting and dateable.

Alas, even Seungri found a first love, whom he fell in love for at first sight when the girl passed by his dance team’s show after going to the movies with a friend. He later got a chance to talk to this girl, who was studying to be a model in Gwangju, when her friend asked for a photo.
Realizing that this was the perfect time to make his move, Seungri suggested, “You should come into the photo too.” From that moment, their love sprouted – but they were still forced to date in secret due to the celebrity-like fame of Seungri’s dance team.

The couple lasted for three years, until Seungri debuted as a member of Big Bang and his girlfriend went to university to become a teacher. Although they had always supported each other’s dreams, they slowly began to drift apart.
However, Seungri placed full trust in his girlfriend, thinking, “She’s my girl, so I know she’ll stay by my side.” Unfortunately, this was not the case, and Seungri found out that she had cheating on him with a university junior after browsing the girl’s minihompy and finding the word “Oppa♥” written on it.
Unlike many people who may bitterly think hateful thoughts towards their ex after such a breakup, kind Seungri accepted the fact that she had simply moved on.

And so to this day, the boy is still looking for a true love – like many other idols out there. However, it looks like he’s got an idea in mind: “I want to date someone normal. I don’t want this difficult love….”
Do you fit the bill?

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