May 16, 2010

Reasons for 2PM TaecYeon’s tears at ‘X-Concert’ on 15th May?

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2PM TaecYeon sheds tears, attracting the concerns from fans.

2PM attened the tvN ‘X-Concert’ on 15th May in Seoul Mapogoo. Even though they are known to be

beastly idols showing their overflowing charisma on stage, they were seen shedding tears that day on stage.

After the performance, TaecYeon was seen tearing, and member ChanSung offered a comforting hug. And

then MC Gil also offered tissue paper to TaecYeon.

Photos of TaecYeon tearing were posted online immediately after the performance, and garnering much

interests from netizens. Fans’ comments were,

“Were those tears of a beast?”, “I don’t understand why he

cried all of a sudden”, “TaecYeon oppa don’t cry. We are here for you” etc.

 Meanwhile, member JunSu teared during his appearanace on SBS ‘Kim HeeChul Young Story’ radio show

on 10th May, he said, “I wish to tell the members this. The truth will also prevail. To be honestly, lately the

members feel very exhausted, and as a hyung I feel sorry for not saying encouraging words. From now, we

wish to show our hardworking features as 6 members. Let’s not lose our dream and continue like that


It is said that TaecYeon cried seeing the support shown by the fans who showed up at the event

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