May 3, 2010

U-Kiss featured in Vons Chicken CF

Posted by Nez

Demonstrating their rising popularity in domestic and international countries, 7-member idol group U-Kiss recently scored a CF deal with Vons Chicken.

As always with chicken CFs, the boys were seen in a more care-free and goofy light, nomming on drumsticks like it was the most delicious thing they had in months. U-Kiss also incorporated the choreography of their popular track Bingeul Bingeul in the CF while waving around a pair of drumsticks in the air.

Based on the general recurring trend, filming a chicken CF usually implies that an idol artist or group has sealed the deal to a promising future. Such seems true for U-Kiss who have been gaining a lot of support from Korean and non-Korean fans alike.
U-Kiss currently in the midst of promoting a remix version of their follow-up song What.
[Thanks to kpoplover1215 for the tip].

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