May 16, 2010

YoSeob Corrects the Cameraman Once Again

Posted by Nez
On last week’s MBC Music Core, BEAST’s Yoseob diverted attention from himself to a fellow BEAST member, HyunSeung. This week, Yoseob did the same thing but towards KiKwang!

In their performance of Special today, during KiKwang’s part, the camera was focused on Yoseob.

However, that quickly changed when Yoseob pointed to KiKwang.

When idols look out for others rather than themselves, it really makes me admire them more. Can you see

Yoseob’s humble act in the video? It occurs around 0:45.

Although the cameraman did indeed make a mistake again, his error caused us to see the true and kind character of Yoseob! Let’s hope that more celebrities follow Yoseob’s example in the future!
Credit: B2ST Rising
Video Credit: CrazyCarrot220 @

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