Jun 30, 2010

Dara & Taeyang sport matching couple shirts

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After giving us a glimpse of 2NE1’s unannounced trip to Los Angeles over the past few days, me2day queen Dara has uploaded a new photo for fans to teem over featuring Taeyang of Big Bang three times! Confused?

평소에 장난꾸러기 동생이던 영배가 촬영장에서 음악이 나오자 멋지고 매력적인 남자 태양으로 변했다! 멋있긴하더라^^ 복근만 쪼꼬렛인게 아니라 목소리도 쪼꼬렛이다 ㅋㅋ 달콤달콤 열매를 먹었나 영배가???
After his music video comes out, the naughty dongsaeng Yongbae-ah will transform into a charming, attractive Taeyang! Really cool ^^ It’s not just about his abs being like chocolate, his voice is too keke. Do you think he ate very sweet fruit???
Okay, these aren’t exactly couple shirts since they just feature Taeyang’s face, but who knows? That conspicuous heart in the background can mean a thousand things about this upcoming music video.
Here’s another photo of Dara in this shirt:

와쌉 코리아?! 여긴 새벽 두시반 ㅠ 시차적응 안되서 아까 낮에 완전 쿨쿨 자다가 지금은 또 깻어요 ㅠ 흑흑흑.. 아우 근데 자꾸 girl~ i need a girl~ 이 노래가 맴도네.. 중독중독 열매를 먹엇나 노래가.. ㅋ
Wassup Korea?! ㅠ Because of jet lag, I’ve been sleeping like a pig all afternoon and now I’m awake again ㅠ sniff sniff sniff.. Oh but girl~ I need a girl~ this song is always in my head .. the song ate addiction addiction fruit.. ke
YG Entertainment has kept quiet about storyline behind Taeyang’s I Need a Girl music video featuring Dara so “SunDara,” as many fans are calling the couple, may ended up being a fantasy, but with this teaser photo along with the other pictures that Dara has posted online, who knows?
Thank you to jojo for the tip!

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