Jun 2, 2010

Park KyungLim, “If SNSD is a cafe in Europe, WonderGirls is like a teahouse in Insadong”

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Park KyungLim compares the 2 biggest girlgroups in Korea – WonderGirls and So Nyeo Shi Dae.
On KBS WinWin aired on 1st June, Park KyungLim said, “If So Nyeo Shi Dae is the cafe in Europe, WonderGirls give the feeling of a teahouse in InSaDong.”

She then gave collections of her experience with the WonderGirls, “I saw SunYe at a broadcast filming, and after that I saw again at the restaurant. I should be the one treating but in the difference of 2 seconds, SunYe has bought the meals first. After that, I met her at the radio program again, her expressions were just mother-like. She give off a really approachable feel.”

She added, “I met YooBin and SoHee near JYP’s office once. The weather was really hot so we went to an ice cream shop to get ice cream. I said ‘Choose whatever you want to eat’ and SoHee asked ‘Can I eat the one worth 700KRW?’. YooBin who was next to her said ‘There is the 500KRW one, you are really going to choose the 700KRW one?’,” which had roused laugther during the filming.

Park KyungLim said, “The next time I met them, I treat them like a family. They are friends who are full of affection.”

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