Jun 2, 2010

Win Win, 2PM likes SNSD more than Wonder Girls? Wonder Girls mistaken for 2NE1?

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The Wonder Girls appeared on last weeks episode of KBS 2TV’s Win Win. Well it seems one episode wasn’t enough as the girls appeared once again on the June 1st episode.

Back in February, the boys of 2PM made an appearance on Win Win. During the ‘Speedy Questions’ corner, 2PM was asked which girl group they liked better, Wonder Girls or SNSD / Girls’ Generation. To this question, both Junsu and Junho chose SNSD! This segment was brought back up on the May 25th episode of Win Win and Ye-eun defused the situation stating that it’s OK if they prefer SNSD.

She also stated, “We practice together a lot and are around each other so it’s understandable. Not to mention the SNSD girls are very pretty and kind.” After this, Wooyoung’s face became red and said “We’re all friends… let’s stop talking about this.” Which brought about much laughter.

On another segment on the June 1st episode, Yubin revealed two embarrassing moments of mistaken identities. The first embarrassing moment occurred when both Sohee & Yubin went out for food together. An eager fan requested an autograph from Sohee but totally ignored Yubin. She didn’t think much of it at the time but she later found out that the fan thought Yubin was actually the manager of the Wonder Girls! Hence the embarrassment.

The other embarrassing moment occurred at an unnamed Korean restaurant in America. The girls were just 4 members at the restaurant without Sunye, as she was busy with some other obligations. The girls were dressed fully in their Nobody outfits and makeup and a restaurant employee went up to the girls and asked them if they were 2NE1? The girls kindly replied that they weren’t. This same person then asked if they were the Brown Eyed Girls. The manager was angered by this and exclaimed that they were the Wonder Girls!

The employee then responded with, “Oh! I know who you are… I like the Wonder Girls, I have Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) on my MP3 Player!” The girls were a bit confounded over the whole situation.
Aww, poor girls! I’m sure a lot of idols experienced similar embarrassing moments.
2NE1’s Sandara Park and Boys Over Flowers actress Goo Hye Sun is scheduled to appear on next weeks episode of Win Win. Here’s a preview below.

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