Jul 12, 2010

Dara Shows Off Her Womanly Side for W Korea and Style Channel

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2NE1’s Dara recently went through quite a transformation when she was featured in Style Channel’s ‘Style Meets 5 Beauties’ as a model for a popular makeup artist’s pictorial session.

Co-produced by W Korea and Style, the program allows local makeup artists and celebrities to show up and give viewers a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes of a typical photoshoot for W Korea.

Dara, who is often seen as a pure, clean, and young beauty, was transformed quite radically through this photoshoot, which showed off a more seductive, sexy, and feminine side to the cheerful idol. Although she is known for being quite a cute and hyperactive idol, the artists found her to be rather shy. When asked for her opinion on the transformation, Dara graciously replied, “I was surprised that you could transform [me] so well. Thank you for showing us what a real woman is made of.” 

The program’s studio workers are planning on broadcasting a photoshoot every month. Since Han Jihye and Ryu Hyunjoong recently received the chance to pose for this program, Dara and Son Daesik’s pictorials will be released next. Don’t miss the broadcast of this episode on August 9th!

Source: nate + sin@hankyung.com + W Korea
Translation: knucklepink@ygladies

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