Jul 19, 2010

Kahi rekindles the ’shorties are losers’ controversy?

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The topic of height is a sensitive topic amongst Korean celebrities, as well as for people in general.
On the recent episode of Quiz That Changes the World that aired on July 18th, After School’s Kahi was asked about her ideal guy, and she confessed:
“I dislike guys who are shorter than me”
“He has to be at least 183 cm (about 6 feet)…”
Although she gave an honest confession, many viewers showed cold and upset reactions toward her personal statement.

In the past, a controversial ’shorties are losers’ issue arose from Lee Do Kyung’s biased statement on the show Chitchat with Beauties.

Netizens have compared Kahi’s confession with the ’shorties are losers’ controversy, and deemed it as another form of degrading short guys. In response, offended netizens have begun bashing on Kahi through her minihompy.
Netizens have coldly and teasingly commented:
“Ok. You must be proud that you are tall”
“Is this another loser statement…Now short people won’t be able to live anymore”
“Calling those under 183 cm losers…fans are probably going to leave you”
“Do you not know Lee Do Kyung? It was a really careless and unmindful statement”
A handful of netizens have defended Kahi, and commented:
“Celebrities always get bashed on for doing anything. They must be scared”
“She just stated her personal opinion. Do we have to bash on her like this?”
Kahi has also tweeted a response today,
“I’ve never used the word loser… that kind of word… i don’t use it… why…”

The show’s PD also apologized to Kahi and viewers who had been offended, “She (Kahi) is not at fault. This controversy arosed due to the negligence of our staff. It’s unfortunate that the overall broadcast did not put Kahi in a good light. We are sorry to offend our viewers and will pay more attention to such details in future.”

Netizens definitely take things a little bit over-the-top.

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