Jul 10, 2010

MBLAQ reveals their ideal types

Posted by Nez
The members of MBLAQ have recently discussed their ideal types of women on SBS Power Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.

One member in particular had a response that intrigued many listeners. Maknae Mir stated, “I look at the woman’s feet and armpits.” As the other members scolded him for his eccentric reply, Mir went on to state, “Those two places are important. The feet must always be clean.”

Lee Joon shared, “She must be the type that is strong and can control me. I’d be happy if she were strong and kind.”

Thunder’s ideal woman was the type that “looks cold and expressionless, but when she smiles she’s cute.” Finally, G.O. stated, “I look at her 4th finger of her left hand. I like women with long, ladylike fingers.”

The boys definitely have different tastes. Regardless, maybe someday soon they’ll find the lucky lady that fits their ideal type. Also, please enjoy these nice selcas of the boys.

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