Jul 12, 2010

MBLAQ’s Mir is an anti-fan of Lee Joon?

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Acting as if he was an anti-fan of MBLAQ’s Lee Joon for the day, Mir exploded stories of Lee Joon’s past on the recent episode of Star Golden Bell.

In response to MC Ji Suk Jin’s question of ‘who is the current trending member from MBLAQ’, Mir responded, “At first, G.O and I were really popular. But one day, after Lee Joon took off his shirt on stage, ripped his pants, and filmed CFs by himself, his popularity skyrocketed.”

Also, in response to the rumors about him spying on Lee Joon, Mir responded, “When you surf on the internet, there are netizens with weird screen names who reveal Lee Joon’s past. I am one of them. Once you come across one, more truth gets revealed. There are a lot of things that fans don’t know about.”

One of the past truths about Lee Joon that Mir revealed on this episode of Star Golden Bell was of Lee Joon appearing as a dancing employee in a beverage CF. Lee Joon then humorously and bravely shared, “My first production was a home shopping advertisement where I appeared with a weird hairstyle and ate kimchi that Kim Soo Mi teacher ripped for me.”

Later, G.O shared his celebrity impersonations and Lee Joon briefly showcased his infamous talent of spreading his legs wide open.

Check out this segment below!

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