Aug 2, 2010

The birth of Claytoria!

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2pm’s Nich-khun molds his new wife Victoria out of clay!

The August 1st episode clips of Nic-toria on “We Got Married” were heartwarming and hilarious! The “pretend” lovebirds made clay sculptures of each other and enjoyed a delicious fan meeting dinner.

Nic-toria’s artistic claymation began their “couple” date.They were asked to sculpt their partner’s face out of clay.F(x)’s Victoria did a good job with her Clay-Khun,however,Nich-khun’s Victoria was an evolution of the girl band leader.His formation of her was so funny it was termed Claytoria.You can see the husband’s work of comedic art at 7:30 on the following video clip.

Their fan meeting dinner was a large spread of delicious food made by the female hostess of the day.She prepared the meal for them while they had fun with their masterpieces.During the meal,Nich-khun called his younger sister,who is a big f(x) fan, to introduce her to Victoria in English.

The highlight of the day was the Claytoria fun! Watch the following clip to see the birth of Claytoria!

MBC’s “We Got Married” airs every Saturday at 5:15pm.

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