Aug 24, 2010

Park Han Byul looks 100% like Park Han Byul, but BoA looks 23% like BoA?

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On August 24th, Park Han Byul recently participated in a ‘which celebrity do you look like” test by using a photo of herself, and she revealed the result through her Twitter.

Note: The test works by having the user input a photo of his or her self, and the program tries to match the photo with a celebrity that you look like. The test’s result is shown by a percentage of how much you look like a specific celebrity. [The inputted photo is at the top, and the result of the celebrity's photo is below.]
What was Park Han Byul’s result? Well, she tweeted, “Woah!! This works for real~~ It’s amazing I got 100%.

Meanwhile, BoA, who had also done this test in the past, had her result come back as 23% looking like herself.

Along with BoA’s result, the program left a comment, “Not really a look-a-like but if I had to pick one…,” but with Park Han Byul’s it commented, “Are you by any chance a celebrity?

BoA, who had seen Park Han Byul’s result, replied to her, “I’m jealous. I got 23%.

Meanwhile, fans who have seen this commented things such as, “The program seems to be unable to identify BoA’s eye makeup,” and, “How can you not get 100%?

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