Jan 2, 2010

SM to face hefty compensation if Hankyung were to miss Hunan TV’s New Year Eve Concert

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During Hunan TV New Year Eve Concert last year, Chen Chusheng’s silent departure became the biggest storm of 2009 created by an artist.

Hunan TV’s 2010 New Year Eve Concert in Shenzhen next week may yet again face the “missing gate” embarrassment. This concert’s heavy-weight guest performer SJ-M member Hankyung is in the mist of terminating his contract with his management company.

Recently, after Hunan TV communicated with the management company, the other party expressed that the problem is not big. But the reporter was told that the possibility of Hankyung making the trip is silm.

Hankyung’s management company claims no problem

The New Year Eve (Concert) sponsor is also unable to find Hankyung, can only contact the management company. It is revealed that at the moment the answer Hankyung’s management company gave is that SJ-M attending should not be a problem. According to this optimistic estimation, the direction group’s arrangement for Hankyung and co is: SJ-M takes a plane to Shenzhen, to reach the airport at around 10 in the morning that day, rehearsals at 11am at the venue. The direction group is looking at Li Yuchun and Hankyung to perform together at midnight.

Industry analyzed Hankyung’s trip as slim

If Hankyung doesn’t come, will Hunan TV New Year Eve Concert accept a “depleted” SJ-M? One of the staff at the direction group expressed that SJ-M has always appear as a group, and leader Hankyung is the core (of the group). “The New Year emphasizes on reunion, if Hankyung is not there, we are not able to accept.” As both parties have already signed the performance contract, if SJ-M cannot appear at the last minute, SJ-M’s management firm would face a compensation. In accordance with the general practice of breach of contract, the indemnity is double (of the agreed amount). If things turns out so, SJ-M’s management company will face a 7-digit payment claim.

Source: Xiao Xiang Morning News

  • Follow-sjm.cn reports: SJ-M is confirmed to participate in Hunan TV’s New Year Eve Concert on December 31st, (they) will not participate in the Happy Valley Event on January 1st (Hankyung absent)
  • Sina Reports: SJ-M, led by Hangeng is luckier than Rain (mentioned at the first part of original article). Our reporter understood from Tudou website’s (tudou.com) manager that Tudou used high prices to get the rights for online streaming to broadcast the end of year countdown concert by the 3 main channels, Shen Chuan TV, Jiang Su TV and Dong Fang TV. At the same time, they also invited the highly popular Hu Nan TV to stream their end of year countdown event online. There had been high expectations of SJ-M’s performance on the countdown event. Due to Hangeng’s contract problems with SM entertainment and in order to prevent their image from being overly discussed online, Hunan TV gave up Tudou website’s offer to stream the countdown event online. Hunan TV also limited the exposure of the countdown event on other websites. Hoping that Hangeng can successfully appear at the countdown event, Hunan TV gave up a 6 digit offer for the online streaming rights.

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