Jan 2, 2010

MBLAQ and T-ara members pair up to go on one-day dates to the amusement park!

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MBLAQ and T-ara members will go on a one-day date.

A member from each team will pair up for MBC Every1 ‘Idol Season 5′ and go on a one-day date to the amusement park together.

Because of the filming, the amusement park was crowded with fans following the filming “couples” around. The “couples” held hands and visited the haunted house together, and stuck to each other like real couples showing their intimate features.

Go under the cut to find out the “couples” from the 2 groups.

There were photos of Lee Joon and HyoMin skating together posted on various portal sites after the filming ended.

Even when the camera is not filming them, they would be together like a real couple. Lee Joon also said to HyoMin in the midst of filming, “You’re always #1 in my heart” to the surprise of the filming crew. He also chose HyoMin as his favourite members in T-ara when asked.

Thunder and noona EunJung

It was revealed that Thunder (20) has never tried dating with a girlfriend on the show. And during the one-day date, he seemed shy and innocent shown he is with his one-day girlfriend EunJung. He would call EunJung “noona” shily showing affection to his “girlfriend”.

SeungHo and SoYeon are known friends of 8 years, and they have attended the same high school AhnYang Arts High. And it was known that their mothers are also friends.

After knowing about the news of the filming, SeungHo had even called up SoYeon’s mother to let her know about it. Also during filming, SoYeon has said to the camera doing an aegyo video message to SeungHo’s mother, “Auntie~ I kept my promise~”.


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