Aug 25, 2010

SNSD chosen as #1 celebrity to be with on deserted island

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Arguably the most popular girl group, SNSD was chosen as the #1 celebrity to be with when stuck on a deserted island.

In order to celebrate the launching event of Lost season 6, television channel CGV held a survey that asked the public to choose the celebrity they want to be with on a deserted island. On the 24th, results showed idol group SNSD as first place in the survey that started on the 10th through CGV’s homepage. Furthermore, it was shown that approximately 2,068 male netizens and 2,211 netizens participated in this survey so far.

Although this survey continues until September 8th, SNSD seems to be taking the lead by a long shot, as they received 49.3% of the male votes.

Netizens who voted for SNSD commented, “If I’m with cute and bright SNSD, even if I’m stuck in a hot and deserted island I think I have fun.” Following SNSD’s first place was sexy icon Lee Hyori with 416 votes (20.1%). Lee Hyori, who is receiving all the males’ love and interest through her quirky, tough and sexy personality, proved her popularity through this survey. One of the males who voted for this diva expressed, “Because Lee Hyori is good at cooking and has strong living skills even if I’m stuck on a deserted island with her I don’t think I’ll die from starvation. Also with the remaining time we could play games, dance and sing so I think I’ll forget that I’m on a deserted island.” 

Meanwhile, among females, So Ji Sub, who is receiving great popularity for his charismatic “hot” role in drama Road Number One, was chosen as first place. Among the female votes the actor received 49.9% of their ballots. Following close in second place was adorable female’s “forever romantic ideal” Lee Seung Gi, who took 574 votes (26%). After them, two other celebrities, including Rain and 2PM’s Taecyeon, placed third and fourth place respectively.

Among the mentioned choices, I would definitely choose Lee Seung Gi as my ideal celebrity to be with on a deserted island. It’s highly unlikely that I’ll meet any of these stars in my lifetime, but hey, a girl can always dream. Let us know who YOU want be with on a deserted island.

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