Aug 1, 2010

SNSD’s Tiffany Gets a News Ad for Her Birthday

Posted by Nez
Tiffany’s birthday, which falls on August 1st, was recently celebrated by her group’s loyal fan café, ‘Cistus,’ with the customary newspaper advertisement and sweet message attached. Care to see what it said?

Recalling Tiffany’s sick leave which took place only last month, as well as her vocal nodules, the fans wrote:

Please don’t be sick!” It’d certainly be tragic if she was sick, considering that it’s her 22nd birthday!
The fans also left the following message for her to read:
Happy 22nd birthday to SNSD’s Tiffany who is brighter than gems!
With your sweet voice that soothes tired hearts and with your beautiful smile,
you are like a jewel who always shines in our hearts.”
With a message like that waiting for their eyes, who wouldn’t be able to say that they had a great birthday? On behalf of KPOPLIVE, here’s a congratulations to Tiffany for reaching her 22nd year of life!

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