Feb 7, 2011

Sometimes.. I just really hate ADDMATH!!

Posted by Nez

I dunno whose paper is this.. But seriously?? A+!! 
ME? I barely even get 40.. more like i never EVER PASS addmath exam..
yeah suck right? 
what can i do?? to be good in addmath? nothing.. haha
because the more i'm trying to understand.. the crazy i become..

I never know why there's must be toooooo MANY formulas..
the questions always ask something weird..
if F(x) = 2x+1 and g(x) = 2x+d and gf(x) = 4x+956., find the value of d

my face usually like this when i got the question sheet (。_∀_。)
yes. upside down..
i was like what the hell? what do u need the answer for?

i do wish to be genius in math like most of my friends..
i mean is it fun to be genius? =D now everybody in the class will always depends on u everytime the teacher ask to answer the question.. haha

u know, like this dude up there xD

sometimes when my teacher ask me like, why i haven't finish my addmath exercises yet. i will answer
"Teacher, does resolve the questions will prevent the global warming?"

guess what happen??
YES!! my teacher treat me special than other students :D by asking me by to do the exercise outside the class!! yeay me!!


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