Jun 11, 2011

[Random Post] school holidays!!

Posted by Nez
Yeay!! school holidays!! :D
Of course it'll the best week for most of us right? unless u really like to go to school..
well i'm not hating school, just u know what i mean right? school is fun, we can meet new friends, learn new things, BUT we only hate EXAM and STUDYING!!

yep, its true fact! but of course there's still people who like to study. The genius type u know..
and i hate that kind of people. I mean they're not even study but still got A++ why!!?

other things most students hate about school is exam. Somehow i just hate exam week. do u realize how on exam week that time flow so slow, but on holiday week the time fly so quickly we didn't even realize it was the last day of the holiday. in fact. it is.
by the time i'm writing this., today is the last day of my school holidays.. No0o0ooo0oooo DXX

SO, i'm not even sure what i was writing.. about this post.. ehehe
anyway how was your holiday ;D


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Neerupama Vermani on April 27, 2017 at 6:10 PM said...

School holiday period can be very busy and stressful time for parents. Children can get bored. School holidays....the time all parents dread as it means trying to come up with new and exciting things to do with the kids to keep them occupied. goafamilypackages

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