Jun 11, 2011

[Tips] kerja sekolah tak siap!!

Posted by Nez
remember my last post about homework? [Rabdom post] Homework yes that post.
I bet most of us always procrastinate our work until the very last minute? or it just me..?
okey, anyway of course ade lar gak beberape tips yg saya boleh kongsi, iaitu bagaimana hendak melakukan kerja last minute ni.
why? because i am the master of procrastinate haha xD

so these are the
1.PLAY GAMES! u know on PC or PS3 pr Xbox, nitendo wii and so on,
u see this is somehow a treatment to a stress that we may be get when we do the work after this. i always do this and yeah it work!! (somtimes..)
u know for gaining more info about what going on outside. of course kite xnk dok terperap dlm bilik just doing homework right? and if homework kite is  to write an essay, nak xnak kne gk tgk tv utk dpt info ye tak??

yep, another good thing to do before doing our homework. just amek je r buku ape2 yg kite suke kn, utk hilangkn boring and tmbhkn info. u see, we killing two birds with stone!! how good is that!! :D

we don't want to feel sleepy while doing our work done right? so just take a nap or just sleep for few minutes, hours, days.. errr sng cter lar tido nei mmg bley mghilngkn stress! tgk, kan byk bnde kite boleh buat utk hilangkn stress!

What else to do? the reason we facebooking before doing homework is that to make sure our friends also haven't done their homework too, see it make us feel more alive! to knowing that we'll be having a friend who also not doing their homework ;D we won't be alone!

okey, i guess we have to many ways on to release ou stress and tension. 
na buat cmne kn. da nmenye pon homework. stress lar paling banyak yg dpt dikumpulkan, haha lagipun makan tu kan bagus, untk tambahkan tenaga ;P

yeah, finally! akhirnye.. setelah kite bertungkus lumus melakukan segala perkara di atas maka tibe lah msenye untuk buat homework!! yeay!! i assure you that when doing your homework u will indeed feel less stress snd happy!!

that's all i can say, i hope you guys have a great time!! and hope u can finish your work by time!
ingt at least na buat last minute pon biarlah tggl sehari dua sebelum buka skola huhu lau x gilak lar jadinye xP

*p/s i;m not responsible if anything bad happen to u when u follow these tips. i also not responsible if u are not able to finish your work by time. And if you being detention by your teacher for not finishing homework, don't blame me either xP. these post just for fun, if u still so stupid and doing the tips (like i did) than u have to face the consequences yourselves. 

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