Aug 1, 2011

[Random Post] Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.. It All Ends...

Posted by Nez
Yes, I am indeed a one hardcore Harry Potter fan. I've been living with Harry Potter since i was 7! Now I'm already 17! Its exactly 10 years! How awesome is that. Of course I was really sad that this year was the very last year of Harry Potter's movie come out. No more waiting for Harry Potter movie to come out, no more waiting for the new book to come out.. It all ended...

But its not like it'll be end forever right? We still can watch the movie and reading the books. Only that after this no more Harry Potter fever, of course there will always a Harry Potter fever and craziness but not as crazy as now. right?

I watched the last movie twice. haha i also watched it in 3D! The only good part in 3D is that when Voldermort dead and turned into some kind of flakes or something.
Overall the movie was spectacular!! All the scene look almost the same like how it described in the book. So amazing.

I cried at the scene when Harry asked Serius 'Does it hurt, when we die?' something like that, i really touched by it. The music and sound effects just awesome!

Remember the Trio?

yes them, they all already grown up! before this in the first movie they looked like this
awwww.... so cute! times fly really quick right? i feel as though there was only 3 movies out! but instead the last movie already out. So sad, that Harry Potter movies are all out.. ;( sometimes i was hoping the author will make another book after the 7th one, hehe
So much memories with Harry Potter i just can't write it all. The last two movies don't have any quidditch game.

The quidditch game always be the most anticipating scene for me! ever since the 4th movie, Harry seems not be able to play the quidditch much often though.
Talk about the book!

I already read ALL of Them!!
if u ask me to choose the best book, i just can't! all the books are amazing in their own way. hehe
i read the 7th book twice, every time I read the 7th book especially when I read the very last sentence., I just cry. I don't know why. AS for the rest of the book, the book that i read the most is probably the 3rd one! I just can't remember how many times i read it, since it was the very first Harry Potter book i read. :D
Till then.. Thanks for reading!
Harry Potter will always be my favorite books!

Credits: Nez2806 @ Copycatmemory

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