May 4, 2015

[Travel]Belgium the home of chocolates!

Posted by Nez
Hello people  So last spring me and my friends travel together to two countries which are Netherlands and Belgium! It was an awesome journey and I love everything about it^^ I wanna share my journey to Belgium first! Because it's easier to write since I only went there for 2 days 1 night.
First day:

We arrived around afternoon in the Brussels, then we just went straight to the house we rent through the Airnb website.

First we actually went to the famous chocolate shop called Marry, I totally recommended anyone to come and taste the chocolates there because it were amazing indeed! I never taste anything like it before :D 
Then after bought some chocolates there, we went to the Grand Place! 

 The Grand Place is so spectacular! The design of the buildings are just amazing really! Me and my friends were so excited with the view and all. Also there were so many people there! Like really crowded and full of tourists like me of course hehe.

 Above this is a desert I bought from that store called Meeert, and yes it was so delicious!! Is me but the belgian chocolates are like heaven! I can taste the difference between the handmade choclate and the factory made chocolate. They are just not the same!

 Then of course it is not perfect to go to Belgium without taste the waffles!! I must say that the dough they use to make the waffle is so different then the one that I usually see. Anyway, there were a lot of choices, but I chose this one instead because it seemed simple and I love strawberries! Also it was not that expensive, this one I bought around 5 Euro. And again, it was so yummy!! I just so in love the strawberries! But of course I tried the one that cost around 1 Euro a piece without any topping, and it also was amazing!

Second day:

The last day! We visited this magnificent structure called the Antonium. This is one of the thing that Belgium is famous for. The Antonium is actually kinda big, like really big! And also you can see the small yellow van there that sell waffle!

Overall I really enjoyed this trip^^ especially because so many crazy things happened lol. Belgium is nice indeed, I enjoyed their chocolates, waffles and even the frites! I wish to come visit Belgium again soon.

I also really glad that I can visited such an awesome country :) 

See you soon!


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