Nov 3, 2009

Lyn shows love for TVXQ’s Junsu and Big Bang’s Taeyang

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Veteran singer Lyn had guts to make a song that confessed her love to two idol members recently, garnering much attention from all over Korea. The two idol members that she mentioned in her title song, Noona's Song were none other than DBSK's Xiah Junsu and Big Bang's Taeyang.

The song is a crossover of house and reggae style music, which is very bright and upbeat. She included Taeyang and Junsu's real names in the lyrics, and made a short parody of their songs.

While using the lyrics from MIROTIC by TVXQ, the song says "어디서 무얼 하다 이제 내게 왔니 준수야, 이미 수식어 레드오션, 조금 다쳐도 난 괜찮아" which roughly translates into "What were you doing when you came to me Junsu, its already a red ocean, its okay if i get hurt."

She also used the lyrics from Look at Only Me by Taeyang. The lyrics were "가끔 니가 연락 없이 술을 마셔도 난 너만 봐, 영배야 넌 어떠니 소원을 말해봐" which poorly translates into "I often drink without your calls, only look at me. Youngbae, how do you feel, tell me your wish"

With some some idols getting punished for expressing their love for TVXQ members, one may think that Lyn would receive a lot of flack for this song. However, Noona's Song has been getting lots of love; people have been saying that "The best songs that come from veteran noona singers are from their confessions to younger idols"

A representative of Lyn revealed, "Lyn LOVES Xiah Junsu and Taeyang. Her feelings with other fans are the same, so when she made the lyrics, she represented the people who have idols as their role models."

Check out her song below.

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