Nov 3, 2009

SS501 Fans have doubts over Inkigayo Result [updated]

Posted by Nez

I'm sure many of you SHINee fans were ecstatic with last evening's win on Inkigayo - after all, grabbing a Mutizen is just another testament that the SHINee boys are back and better than ever! However, fans of another comeback quintet don't seem to be so happy: with SHINee's victory, SS501 came in second and was left in the dust with no awards for Love Like This this week.

SS501 fans have expressed doubts about last night's calculations due to the close figures. Instead of expressing heated outrage, many are now asking the SBS production team for a breakdown of the scores that determined SHINee as this week's chart winner, and have even started a protest thread on the forums on Inkigayo's official website.

First of all, there is a dispute over the album sale counts between both groups. On Music Bank on Friday, the normal and limited edition sales of the REBIRTH album collaboratively outnumbered SHINee's album sales, leading to SS501's win. The accumulated sales of REBIRTH outnumbered Year of Us sales by over 2000. However, SHINee fans argue that, if one were to compare the REBIRTH normal edition only sales against Year of Us, SHINee would beat SS501, as indicated by the Hanteo monthly chart for October.

Furthermore, both Music Bank and Inkigayo put greater weight on digital sales than album sales - on Music Bank, digital sales account for 60% (as opposed to album sales which are 15%). On Inkigayo, digital sales make up 30% and album sales 20% for the overall scoring system. SHINee has outranked SS501 on various digital sales charts, including Melon, Mnet. Bugs, Dosirak, soribada and more.

However, even if SHINee has outranked SS501 in these categories, the margin between the Inkigayo scores was only a few hundred points; even if the scoring systems were done appropriately, SS501 fans are asking for another look just in case.

So what do you think, are SS501 fans overreacting or should such a close margin be reexamined anyway? Either way, there's always next week; SS501 returned after SHINee, which may explain why SHINee has risen to claim their awards first. Good luck to both groups next Sunday! Stay tuned to allkpop for more details and make sure to visit SHINee's SFI forums and SS501's Quainte forums.

Thanks to Michelle Q Musik for the clarifications.

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