Nov 9, 2009

SS501 speaks on being avoided and Kyu Jong’s ideal girl

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SS501 was on Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate to share their new album as well as tell a few interesting stories.

On today's episode of Chocolate, Kim Hyun Joong revealed he had fully recovered from swine flu. He said, "I've totally recovered yet there are still people who try to avoid me. Please don't do that, it hurts my feelings."

He continued to talk about his experiences with swine flu, "I usually don't feel that sick but I was shopping and I felt horrible so I went to the doctor's. From then, they transferred me to the a room where I was alone. Then they told me I had swine flu. When I was diagnosed, Heo Young Saeng visited me many times and even ate with me in the hospital."

Kim Hyun Joong expressed how thankful he was of his fellow member, Young Saeng. He then went on to talk about his role in Boys Over Flowers. He said, "Because my role as Jihoo, I became a lot quieter. But now I'm back, since I'm doing promotions with my members, I've become loud and energetic again."

Park Jung Min talked about his experience in the field of musicals, "My actions have been more bold and I overreact more now."

Kim Kyu Jong spoke about how he met his ideal type, Oh Se Jung. He said, "I was walking while talking on the phone and I saw Oh Se Jung. But we were both so surprised we didn't even greet each other. My heart was beating! Then I got home and went on her minihompy and it said, 'I'm disappointed I didn't get to greet him today.' I don't know if it was directed at me but it seemed like it, so I even sent her a message on Cyworld. If you're watching this, please check my message. Also set your BGM as our music. Good luck in everything."

Check out this eventful episode:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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