Feb 19, 2010

[10.01.25] (F.CUZ Special) JinOn, "I want to be like Rain-sunbaenim."

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We met the new male group, F.CUZ. With their heart-pounding charisma and lively lyrics of their debut song 'Jiggy', F.CUZ is making all their listeners joyful. Amidst the competition that has started between the new idol groups since the beginning of the year, F.CUZ has been appealing to the fans with a kind of charm different from the masculine ZE:A and new idol band CNBLUE. So exactly what kind of idols are the F.CUZ members?

We met JinOn, LeeU, Kan and YeJun from F.CUZ, and listened to their stories.

JinOn in the eyes of LeeU

"JinOnnie-hyung has strong leadership and the ability to lead. He's a hyung I can trust. His shortcoming? He's too outstanding in every area so it seems like he has nothing of that sort. The fact that he can control me already tells you he's awesome. (laughs)"

JinOn in the eyes of Kan

"Like a beastly lion, he's a person who can captivate you right away. Other times, he's like a clown who knows how to amuse us. JinOnnie-hyung is charming like you see. I think it's difficult to find fault in him."

JinOn in the eyes of YeJun

"JinOnnie-hyung is very manly and has a strong sense of responsibility. He treats his dongsaeng-dul* kindly and he knows how to lead them well. But because he's too soft-hearted, he's unable to deal with them harshly. As a leader, this might become a weakness right?"

*siblings/people younger than him

JinOn's Role Model

"I graduated from the AhnYang School of Art. I am a junior of Rain-sunbaenim. I am very interested in being a singer, but I also have desire for acting. With respect to this, I want to be like Rain-sunbaenim. He's actively carrying out activities in all directions right? I will try to become a person who is outstanding in all areas of acting, singing and dancing."

Take out with full credits.
Source: Star News
Translated by sOpHiA* @ FCuzed forum

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