Feb 19, 2010

[10.01.25] (F.CUZ Special) LeeU, "My role model is my father, Sul Woon Do."

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Meet the new male group F.CUZ. With their heart-pounding charisma and lively lyrics of their debut song 'Jiggy', F.CUZ is making all their listeners joyful. Amidst the competition that has started between the new idol groups since the beginning of the year, F.CUZ has been appealing to the fans with a kind of charm different from the masculine ZE:A and new idol band CNBLUE. So exactly what kind of idols are the F.CUZ members?

We met JinOn, LeeU, Kan and YeJun from F.CUZ, and listened to their stories.

LeeU in the eyes of JinOn - "The member who gave me the best first impression."

"LeeU has a lively and sociable personality. Out of all the members, I also had the best first impression of him. He's very optimistic and positive, and he gets through everything very easily. He also doesn't hold grudges. But it would be good if he can correct his laziness. In the past when we were leaving our dormitory, he would take 30 minutes just to prepare for it. Even though he has improved a lot now."

LeeU in the eyes of Kan - "A hyung who is like a friend"

"He's really cheerful and takes good care of his dongsaeng-dul*. Even though he's the older brother, he's not bossy and he treats me comfortably like a friend. But it would be good if he can tidy up a little better."

*siblings/people younger than him: in this case, Kan.

LeeU in the eyes of YeJun - "He supports from the back steadily"

"If JinOnnie-hyung is exactly like an oldest brother, LeeU-hyung's style is to support from the back. This can be another different form of leadership, right? He speaks (to me) more like a friend than a hyung. As for his shortcoming, I guess that would be his occasional behavior of making dangerous and peculiar remarks alone, and in turn making the members worried."

LeeU's Role Model is...his father Sul Woon Do

"My role model is my father. It's amazing how he has immersed himself and spent such a long period of time in the harsh entertainment circle. But he has been in the top position throughout this time, and that is something really respectable. I have witnessed a lot of his difficult and tired times ever since I was young. And now, he has even reached a high status which everyone would agree on. He came to show support at our debut performance and we received good comments from him."

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Source: Star News
Translated by sOpHiA* @ FCuzed forum

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