Feb 19, 2010

[10.01.25] (F.CUZ Special) Kan, sensitivity beneath his masculine appearance

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Meet the new male group F.CUZ. With their heart-pounding charisma and lively lyrics of their debut song 'Jiggy', F.CUZ is making all their listeners joyful. Amidst the competition that has started between the new idol groups since the beginning of the year, F.CUZ has been appealing to the fans with a kind of charm different from the masculine ZE:A and new idol band CNBLUE. So exactly what kind of idols are the F.CUZ members?

We met JinOn, LeeU, Kan and YeJun from F.CUZ, and listened to stories about them.

Kan in the eyes of JinOn - "The neat freak of our dormitory."

"Kan tidies up well and I can never see a dirty spot. Thanks to him, our dormitory is clean. He has a masculine appearance but he's very sensitive. However, due to his overly sensitive personality, he's also a little conservative. He does not like to deviate from his own standards."

Kan in the eyes of LeeU - "He has thorough self-discipline."

"Kan is surprisingly effeminate. It's to the extent whereby he personally trims his eyebrows. He has thorough self-discipline and he's able to manage his image well. But he's too thorough in managing himself, and so it seems like other people may sense a social distance when they see him. He doesn't laugh a lot too."

Kan in the eyes of YeJun - "If he could take care of and pay attention to himself"

"He has been so giving towards me that I feel sorry. He's an especially understanding, considerate and accommodating friend. As a result, I am distressed when I see that he's not taking care of himself well."

Kan's Role Model is...Rain

"Rain-sunbaenim is the reason why I became a singer. When I was young, my family nurtured me to become an actor. And so I continuously took acting lessons, but I dreamed of becoming a singer after seeing Rain-sunbaenim. I was admitted to AhnYang School of Art and entered the dance team. Then I found out that this was a dance team created by Rain-sunbaenim. I also met JinOnnie-hyung from there."

Take out with full credits.
Source: Star News
Translated by sOpHiA* @ FCuzed forum

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