May 23, 2010

2pm and SNSD have a connection……

Posted by Nez

a love connection that is!

The “Beast” and “Baby Baby” have recently been linked together. Rumors have been flying all over the internet that these two have journeyed “Into the New World” of love. You have to admit they would make a cute couple! Their babies would be even cutier than SHINee’s Yoo-geun! (No offense Yoo-guen, you will always be Korea’s little “male version” of a doll.)

News broke out on the filming set of ”Family Outing 2“, that our sexy 2pm‘s Taec-yeon gave perfume to the pretty SNSD’s Yoo-na. It was a present in honor of them crossing over from childhood to adulthood.

Family and friends deny there is anything going on between them besides friendship.We know better! Perfume gifts either mean you smell, or I love you. I think the latter applies here.

You can judge for yourself on the upcoming May 30th episode of “Family Outing 2“.
Family Outing Season 2 airs on SBS every sunday at 5:30 pm

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