May 23, 2010

2PM & SNSD Carribean Bay MV released!

Posted by Nez

Looks who’s touching! Naughty, naughty…

The CF everyone’s talking about is Caribbean Bay, starring 2PM and SNSD. After the release of the full MV, we are downright sure people are gonna talk some more.

Plot of the CF is your typical predictable over played storyline. Only, top idols are the main draw. So Yoo-na and Taec-yeon are an item. She gets jealous as is a little friendly with curvaceous Yu-ri. And he tries to pacify her, the end.

Now, what makes the video more interesting is the scene where your Thai Prince, Nichkhun, rubs some tanning oil on Yu-ri. Netizens screams inappropriate. “Aren’t they too young to be making that scene look so naughty?”

Another says, “What happens to the image they’re going for?”  Well, they’re dumping it for a mature concept, obviously.

We say, they aren’t underaged which is why only maknae Seo-hyun was spared from all the grinding and rubbing. Did we mention there a too close for comfort dance scene featuring Yoo-na and Taec? Also, the camera did focus on somebody’s derriere for a few seconds. Enough said, check out the sexy CF below!

Oh we wonder how many hearts were broken within 4.25 minutes? Not to mention how many anti-fans each side gained.

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