May 13, 2010

Addicted to the korean Dramas and movies?

Posted by Nez
I suddenly put a thought of this matter. Right now there are so many kpop fans. So many that sometime they are annoying. Well not all of them of course,only those who said they love kpop but wouldn't even by the original  albums, movies or even the dramas. They just download it from internet or just listen to it on their friends ipod, seriously I had an experience like this.

Anyway, i've found this video they made a parody about the epic scene on korean drama.
Is so hilarious!
I can't stop laughing watching this, i suggest you guys to watch this. But only if you were a kpop fan though. If not then this wouldn't be funny.

Just watch it you'll never regret seriously!

Video by :bubbiosity

She made this video with her friends check this information from this video:

I LOVE ASIAN STEREOTYPICAL DRAMAS! This is for all the drama fanatics out there!

How many stereotypical moments can you spot?

Love triangles, illness, CEOs, average looking main girl, evil ex girlfriends, dramatic bg music, etc! You name it! Its here!

My friends and I decided to film this during my trip to England. Please remember that we did it for fun so please be nice about my friends. They rock! I hope I dont offend anybody in this parody video. I was just pointing out the irony/stereotypical scenarios of asian dramas.

Cast (Thank you guys so muchies!)
Main girl: Bubz a.k.a. Me! =D
Main guy: Eric
Sub guy: Annie
Evil Hot Ex Girlfriend: Kevin
The random thug with a sock in his head: Tomo
The bodyguard/father: Will
Written by Eric and I

This is quite a long video but do bear in mind that I squeezed an entire drama storyline into one video!

It took us DAYS to film this!!! I cut my elbow when I pretended to faint and I didnt even use that scene! I dived myself into a dirty bin! I drooled on my friends pillow n everything for you guys! XD! Ahwell! All for fun!

FYI: I did not know the penguin!! LOL! He was a random penguin in the street and he asked if he can star in my video. He kept interupting my filming XD! So I let him in o_O

Oh I know the quality is crap! We used a webcam! Sowee!

Hope you guys enjoy the randomness!
Much love!

 Do not take this out without the full credits
Source: bubbiosity @ youtube

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