May 12, 2010

f(x)’s Cheek Touch Dance Explained!

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A certain part of the choreography in f(x)’s new song has caught the eyes of many fans; the cheek touch dance. Many guessed that this is because of the Princess Syndrome, however, f(x) disproves that speculation. Newsen was able to score an interview with f(x) regarding their recent comeback. Luna said, “There is a particular scene in our choreography which involves us touching our cheeks as if we were putting on make-up.”

When you hear this, you would initially think of the so-called Princess Syndrome (gong-joo-byeong), which basically implies that a person who has this is obsessed with herself. However, Krystal disproved this by saying, “It’s not really showing gongjoobyeong, with the strong beat of the music it’s supposed to show that ‘this is us’ and showing that we are majestic.”
I agree with the fact, don’t you think so?

Meanwhile, the girls also thought that the song NU ABO was going to be a hit due to various omens that they saw while filming the MV. For example, an outfit Victoria wore that was full of mirrors all fell off, even when she was just standing still. Amber stated that she saw a black cat during the filming. Those omens and a whole lot more.

With or without those omens, the girls are doing just fine. Congratulations for a successful comeback, girls!
Source: Park SeYeon @Newsen
Translation: Sugarcookie @Aff(x)tion

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