Jun 7, 2010

TOP wants to marry when he hits 40

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After receiving a lot of attention for his debut as an actor, Big Bang’s TOP stated, “I will marry when I am over 40.” 

In an interview with NewsEn, TOP shared an episode that happened among him and the fellow actors who also starred in the movie Into the Fire; Cha Seung Won, Kim Seung Woo, and Kwon Sang Woo.

TOP happens to be the only unmarried one among these men and he said, “I learned a lot about a sense of maturity from my hyungs. I always felt comfortable around them when we went out to go eat or have a drink during the filming. Ever since the filming ended, those around me have been telling me that I have become more stable. I owe this influence to my hyungs. I am still growing into an adult and everything inside my head seems jumbled, but after witnessing these perfect gentlemen, I feel like I’m starting to become like them.”

Kwon Sang Woo said, “He told me he was going to marry when he’s over 40. TOP may be a true hyung to the Big Bang members, but it’s still really obvious that he is young. He’s our team’s cute youngster.”

TOP seems as if he wants to marry when he truly feels ready, whether it be when he’s 40 years or older – what a gentleman.

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