Jul 3, 2010

Park Chanchong Provides Solutions for the TVXQ-SME Ordeal

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As many of us know, during July of 2009, three members of boy band TVXQ filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment on various charges, which SME responded to by filing a lawsuit claiming that the three boys (Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun) must pay 2.2billion won in compensation. The trio then asked for 1 billion won each – a total of 3 billion won – in compensation from their entertainment company on June 28th, 2010.

Unfortunately for them, SM Entertainment refused to honor their request, and stubbornly kept their own stance on the matter. Because of these feelings of unwillingness on both sides, the entire ordeal has worsened instead of bettered.

Lawyer Park Chanchong recently spoke up on this issue, restating the popular opinion that if this issue is not taken care of as soon as possible, the entire hallyu wave will be affected. Park Chanchong gave his own opinion, saying that “many people abroad understand that TVXQ is a cultural heritage from our country that should be cultivated and protected. And since the lawsuit between TVXQ and SM Entertainment arose, TVXQ could not continue activities [as they normally do], which [in turn] brought great losses for the [entire] country.” 

Showing his feelings of anxiety towards the entire matter, and said that “based on the contract terms between TVXQ and SM Entertainment, terminating the contract is impossible. However, it does contain the unfair slave contract, and [since] this contract was signed when [the TVXQ members] were 19 and [therefore] underage, […] according to law, they can sue SM Entertainment for using underage teens for “illegal benefits” (349) as well as fraud (348).”

Following this grim account, the lawyer provided three solutions which he hoped would be beneficial towards both the trio and SM Entertainment:
1.) Prevent all future activities where the trio and the rest of TVXQ do separate activities, and allow TVXQ to perform as 5 once again
2.) Because most of the cause of the problem can be placed on SME’s shoulders, it is SME’s responsibility to solve the problem by giving in
3.) Allow the court to determine the ultimate fairness of TVXQ’s contract
Park Chanchong summed up his statement with hopes that Cassiopeians would soon be able to see their beloved idol group on stage as five once more, and restated once more his wishes for SM Entertainment to not ignore the requests of the boys and resolve the matter for once and for all.

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