Jul 10, 2010

TV / Movies Taeyang went on a blind date with Yuri

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Big Bang’s Taeyang makes a shocking confession, “I went on a blind date with SNSD’s Yuri through a mutual friend last winter. We are currently still talking and on good terms.

It’s nothing new when stars reveal who they have dated before their debuts, but admitting to have gone out to a blind date and still keeping in contact with that person when both are current idols is definitely new.

Taeyang’s honest confession was made during the recording of SBS’ Strong Heart. His topic for discussion was his title song, I Need A Girl, and he went on by stating, “I’ve never been in a relationship, but I want to meet a girl that I really like and start my first relationship with a girl this year.

However, it wasn’t very wise for him to admit this as his fellow Big Bang member Seungri was seated right next to him. In response to Taeyang’s confession, Seungri had stated, “It really seems as if Taeyang hyung wants a girlfriend. He didn’t tell any of the other members and went to a SNSD concert by himself.

Taking Seungri’s statement as a hint, MC Kang Ho Dong stated, “Seungri, you really are part of Strong Heart’s family. Thank you,” before going into investigation mode. Kang Ho Dong then questioned, “Why did you go to SNSD’s concert alone, and tell us cause of whose invitation you went there for.

An alarmed Taeyang then replied, “During the year I was preparing for my album, I didn’t go out and was focused on making music. I was very tired so the mutual friend said that he/she would set me up with someone. The person told me to try to get close to the girl because she had a good personality so I went out to the meeting place. The girl was SNSD’s Yuri.” As soon as his confession was made, he had the whole studio alarmed and stunned.

He continued, “I went to SNSD’s concert because of Yuri’s invitation. After the meeting, we kept in touch and stayed on good terms. When Seungri got accepted to Chung-ang University as a theatre and acting major, he started to get close to Yuri who is his classmate. I was nervous that Seungri would find out about me and Yuri.
Fellow guest Hong Kyung Min then stated in, “You just revealed something that we couldn’t even imagine back in our idol days.” “I don’t know why but I want to protect Taeyang,” said Chae Yeon who cheered him on.

As the whole studio was on its toes due to Taeyang’s confession, he then cleared things up with, “I don’t think I would have been able to make this confession if I were in a deep relationship with Yuri. Right now, we just talk on the phone a lot and talk about music. Please accept us as close colleagues.
Seungri then chirped, “Doesn’t everyone originally start off as just friends?

Kang Ho Dong then ended Taeyang’s topic by asking him to send Yuri a video message through the show. For the video message, Taeyang stated, “You’re one of the few good friends that I have and I’m sorry that I revealed all this. I hope there aren’t any accusations and let’s continue to stay close.
This episode airs on the 20th!
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