Aug 1, 2010

BEAST’s JunHyung Saves G.NA From Running Off Stage!

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After experiencing some technical difficulties during one of her performances, G.NA gives thanks to the special person who saved her from giving up on stage!

During her debut performance on Inkigayo almost two weeks ago, G.NA’s microphone pack fell off while she was dancing and began swaying around her legs. She quickly grabbed the box and proceeded to finish off her performance. Although it seemed like G.NA took the incident in stride, the rookie reveals that she was actually very panic-stricken at that moment. She says,
“I was too nervous. In being so nervous, I didn’t even look at the camera a lot. When I could have done better in doing this, it was a disappointment for a big stage performance. I was really shocked when my microphone pack fell off. But with Yong JunHyung who was on stage with me, I was able to stay strong.”
Just moments after the incident, BEAST’s JunHyung appeared on-stage for his rapping feature in the performance. But now its been revealed that JunHyung, upon seeing a shocked G.NA on stage, made an ‘OK’ sign with his hands and mouthed the words, “It’s okay,” to the nervous idol.
G.NA gives her thanks to JunHyung, saying,
“If Yong JunHyung didn’t tell me that, I would have probably walked off the stage. I was thankful and still thankful. If you look at the broadcast, you could see Yong JunHyung doing the OK sign with his hand. He’s a friend I have a lot to learn from.”
Check out the full performance of the incident below! G.NA’s microphone pack falls off at around 0:55, and, although it’s not clearly shown, JunHyung’s caring actions appear to happen at around 1:20.

From YoSeob’s admirable actions on Music Core a few months back to JunHyung’s heartwarming reassurances for G.NA, the BEAST boys are nothing short of amazing!

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Translation: seoulfoood@b2strising

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