Aug 3, 2010

miss A Gives Their Debut a 6/10

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Newly released girl group miss A recently expressed their thoughts on debuting and their performances overall.

Min expressed her excitement over debuting by first giving a little background info on her training: “[I trained for 7 years and then] debuted as a member of miss A. When I found out that I was going to debut, I couldn’t sleep.”

Originally, Min was supposed to become a solo singer in the US, but her plans changed and she flew back to Korea instead. However, she does not feel bad about this decision. “I don’t regret anything else. 

Everything that is happening now is like a dream to me. When there is something the [a member is] not really good at, the rest will fill the gap for her, and [so] when we’re [onstage], we feel less burdened.”

Jia stated that the fact that the girls have not known each other for too long does not hinder their relationships in any way. “Even though we [only] met 4 months ago, during that period of time before debut, we have polished our skills so that we won’t be afraid,” she said. “We will work harder.”

Maknae Suzy revealed that becoming a singer has been her dream for a very long time. “I liked how singers looked great when they sing their original songs. My dream of becoming a singer [has been with me] since elementary [school.]”

Overall, the girls gave themselves a surprisingly low score for their debut performance. “Our debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ has given us good exposure but we wanted to show more of our skills. I gave our debut a 6 out of 10 points,” said Fei.

The girls’ stage outfits attracted much attention when they first came out onstage, and so miss A was asked to reflect upon how it felt to be wearing such outfits while performing. “Our performance was strong,” said Min. “Our outfits, remembering the moment we chose them, were a bit daring. [However,] the staff was so nice to us [about them.]”

miss A hopes to “get the Best Rookie Award [this year.] We want to be Asia’s iconic girl group,” revealed Suzy while wrapping up the interview. “I believe we can do it. Whether in Korea or [elsewhere] in Asia, we want to shine as Asia’s top group.”

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