Aug 2, 2010

Nichkhun’s Big Mistake On ‘We Got Married’

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Although Nichkhun had already made it up to Victoria after his previous blunder in MBC’s We Got Married, this week he made another mistake by calling Victoria by the wrong name.

Nichkhun and Victoria spent the day on the mountainside, taking time to study pottery with a promise that they would make pottery shaped like their faces in the future. It was after arriving at their temporary home that Nichkhun made a huge mistake.

“Krystal,” he called Victoria, making the crew in the studio completely silent for almost a whole minute. After recovering from the surprise Victoria told Nichkhun, “I already know that you like Krystal,” and said “I’ll go home,” with a note of sadness. “I’m just kidding,” Nichkhun responded but Victoria was still upset and said “Don’t lie.” Nichkhun went on to explain why the name of Krystal had crossed his mind, “Manager said he’s jealous of me because I got married before him and he said that he likes Krystal.” It was after his explanation that Victoria felt a bit of relief when Nichkhun apologized.

Watch the moment below: (@3:14)

During the personal interviews Nichkhun took a moment to talk about the awkward moment. “I felt like ‘this is getting serious’ and ‘this is really unlucky’. But I felt sad that the moment because like that.”

Victoria also shared what she thought about the name mix-up, “Other people always mistake my name with Krystal’s since both our names have four syllables but why is it that it was my own husband who called my name wrong?”

Khuntoria fans hope that Nichkhun will find a way to make it up to Victoria on next week’s episode.

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