Feb 25, 2010

Did Goo Hara gain weight?

Posted by Nez

Does the so-called ‘ant waist’ Goo Hara have stomach fat too?

Goo Hara’s rather cute stomach is stirring up the internet. The netizens have managed to find something that looks like stomach fat on the 20-inch waist of Goo Hara!

In the music video of their latest song, Lupin, there is a scene where Goo Hara is sitting down on a chair. Of course, her tiny little bulge on her stomach was unable to escape the critical eyes of netizens. The tight-fitting pants and her sitting position pushed up whatever “fat” she had, and created the small bulge… You call that fat? I think it’s just skin.

Netizens are saying, “That’s cute,” “Even Goo Hara has stomach fat. I have self-confidence now,” “The perfect looking Goo Hara feels a lot closer now,” “She wouldn’t be human if she didn’t even have that.”

Honestly, that doesn’t look like fat to me, but if it will boost your self-confidence, then let’s call it such!

Goo Hara’s scene appears @1:20.

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