Feb 26, 2010

KARA reveals secret behind their bodies

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Celebrities do not get their gorgeous figures with just a snap of the finger; they actually have to work hard more than anyone else to maintain it. All of the members of KARA have great bodies, and they manage to keep healthy. What is their secret to this? Well, these ladies have finally revealed their diet plan to the public so that you guys to have a great body like theirs too!

As you can notice, the song that lead the group to fame, Pretty Girl, had a very cute concept. Lupin took a 180 degree turn, as they came back with the sexy look. But to pull this off, the girls had to go on a strict diet. The group said, “After finishing our promotions for Honey, we went on a diet. We can’t have the cute concept forever.”

The diet for each member is similar with a few different details tweaked for each member. Reducing the intake of carbohydrates and eating foods with high vitamins is a must and they usually eat chicken breast and sweet potatoes for dinner. Member Nicole wakes up early in the morning to pack her own lunch. She said, “I take note of the calories I take in for each meal. This is the most effective way to control how much you eat. Anyone can succeed if they try and stick to it.”

For the members, dance practice makes up the most of their exercise.

The group then said, “No one forces us to take care of our bodies. Since it is our job, we want to look good to the public, so we do it with our own will.”

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