May 14, 2010

The 2AM Boys and Jay Park Have a Famous Fan in Indonesia

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Artists 2AM and Jay Park are more well-known than the boys themselves may realize! Ilana Tan, an

incredibly popular author in Indonesia recently mentioned the entertainers while replying to fanmail.

In one of her thank-you notes, the writer asked: “Dear Reader….^^ What is happiness to you?” She then

proceeded to reveal her own personal answer. Although she was not blatantly referring to Jay nor 2AM,

many fans speculate that it is more than probable that she was thinking about the boys while writing the

following words:
To me, happiness is:
  • A smile from a certain b-boy in Seattle who looks like this: -.-
  • 2 o’clock in the morning! ♥ ♥ ♥
Those are the things that make me smile
Those are the reasons the world seems wonderful
[That is] my definition of happiness”
The writer’s words became even more suspicious when careful readers discovered that she had written

“=LOVE & RESPECT=” at the bottom of the note. Complete with adorable handwriting and beautiful

stationery, this letter could almost qualify for a work of art!

Though it certainly seems possible, do you think the author really was hinting at our Kpop boys or not?

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