May 14, 2010

Who Let the KPop Dogs Out?

Posted by Nez

I’m pretty sure everyone is aware that idols don’t date. And when they are in need of expressing love, they

immediately turn to their cute furry pets; thus, making these furry ones popular. Now, let’s see which dog

 made the headlines, shall we?

First off, the DBSK boys are known to be loving pet owners. In fact, they each have their own cuddly friends

to walk out with. Check the photos below with the name of the breed of their dogs. You might even consider

buying one for yourselves.

1. YunHo’s Siberian Husky Taepung/Typhoon

2. YooChun’s Alaskan Malamute Harang

3. JunSu’s Samoyed Xiahki
4. JunHo’s Golden Retriever Hoki
5. JaeJoong’s Great Pyrenees Vick
6. ChangMin’s Maltese Mang Dong

Have you had enough of the cuteness? If you want more, good because there’s more to come. The Kkot Mi Nam (Pretty Boys) band FT Island’s dogs are next.


This dog named Elisya is a gift from the Primadonnas in which HongKi Appa (daddy) calls it his daughter.

This is how she sleeps.
In a recent Cyworld entry of leader JongHun, they were apparently playing with dogs. I thought he disliked dogs. Hmm, maybe he just can’t resist the charms of the pets.

 Oh, how I’d love to trade places with these dogs for a day. Imagine, these pets get kissed, cuddled and hugged by our favorite stars. To end this post, I would like to present SBS You’re Beautiful’s oh-so-famous dog, Angelina Jolie!

Alright. Due to popular demand, I now present you Big Bang’s pup family! Aren’t they cute?
1. G-Dragon’s Sharpei GaHo

2. TaeYang’s Boss

3. TOP’s Charlie

Another dog that has been getting lots of attention from the recent Calvin Klein photo shoot of 2PM is this lovely golden retriever.

Tell us which dog you like most and you can even tip us with more KPop stars’ pets.
Source: DBSK Dream @Blogger, DBSK + JongHun + HongKi @Cyworld, sment @Youtube, JunSu @Twitter
Take out with full credits.
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