Jun 14, 2010

Taeyang and Big Bang’s album rumors

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We all know that Big Bang is planning to make a comeback with an album in August. We also know that member T.O.P will also be pursuing solo activities later on in the year after Daesung worked on his earlier this year. But now there are rumors that Taeyang will also be releasing his album soon.

The following are all just rumors but there might be some truth to these rumors, because Taeyang’s full length solo album was originally scheduled to be released in January of 2010, remember that?

Taeyang hyped up his solo comeback with his prelude track Where U At and then promoted Wedding Dress during the end of the year. But when the new year came along, his album didn’t drop and instead he was back in Japan like it never happened.

Below are two “rumored” tracklists for Taeyang’s REAL (also a rumored title) album. It’d be quite a delight if one of these tracklists were the real thing but all we can do now is hope.
01. The Real Rise
02. Where U At
03. intoxication
04. 잡을수있다면/If I Can Get You
05. Day By Day
06. 쉬어/Easy
07. Jammin’ Wit Me
08. 웨딩드레스/Wedding Dress
09. Fatal 4 Way
10. 대화/Conversation
11. Shine’ Em
2nd tracklist:
01. Free (Intro)
02. Where U At
03. Believer
04. Swimmin’ In The Stars
05. 내일까지/Until Tomorrow
06. I’ll Be
07. 웨딩드레스/Wedding Dress
08. Our Love
09. Can’t We
10. 새벽 4시/4AM
11. Sideshow
12. 마라톤/Marathon
13. Empty

If there is any truth to this, Taeyang’s comeback will most likely be in the late fall or winter and will go one-on-one with T.O.P as he will be busy with Big Bang’s promotion in late August. It has also been rumored that Big Bang’s album will be titled Electricity, taking after their electronic hip hop sound.
Thanks to bigbanghaven for the tip!

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