Jul 20, 2010

Jay Park Catches Up with 2PM’s Former Vocal Trainer

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Jay Park recently received quite a special guest while working on the set of ‘Hype Nation’ – can you guess who it is?

The title probably gave it away, but it was none other than 2PM’s former vocal trainer, Ju Chanyang of T-Max! Chanyang personally uploaded a picture of himself smiling next to Jay, who is holding up a copy of T-Max’s first debut album (which was presented to him by Chanyang himself), on Twitter to prove their close friendship.

When the first two saw each other at the set, “Jaebum wasn’t able to recognize Ju Chanyang […] since he lost 15kg of weight and transformed into a pretty boy,” said an associate. “The two first met in 2008 during 2PM’s debut. Meeting again now nearly 2 years later at different stages of their careers, it seems as if they were reminded of old times again.”

Since first meeting each other, the two have made sure to keep a close relationship. Upon returning to Korea to work on ‘Hype Nation,’ Jay mentioned that he “misses Chanyang” to a friend, who arranged a meet-up.

The two were spotted talking with one another during each and every one of Jay’s breaks, and departed with ‘fighting!’ words of encouragement with hopes that they would be meeting each other again soon. Hopefully, their wishes will be fulfilled!

Source: tv daily
Translation: hazyfiasco@2oneday

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