Aug 1, 2010

2PM’s Junsu Reveals Secrets About Their Dorm Life

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Ever wondered about the beastly idol group 2PM’s dorm life? Well, Junsu revealed a couple of confounding facts about their daily lives in the dorm.

On a recent broadcast of SBS’s ‘Tasty Invitation’, the boys were confronted with the subject of ‘how they live as male artists’. Junsu openly responded, “We smell because we are male artists,” he continued, “I woke up in the dorms and I saw that Chansung had been eating mangos on the bed, put the leftovers next to him and slept. Taecyeon was sleeping without even removing his makeup. We’re living as if we’re real beasts“.

Oh well, boys will always be boys, right? But 2PM certainly sheds into a different image while on stage. Their fiery charisma and masculine features are always shown through their performances.
On the brighter note, Junsu is also successfully healing from his injury, stating that, “The cartilage damage on my knee has greatly improved.”

Translations: jennying@2ONEDAY.COM

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