Aug 1, 2010

Sweet Potato Couple’s Adventures in Driving

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Jung YongHwa and his “wife” SeoHyun both face a driving test in the next episode!

On the July 31st episode of MBC’s We Got Married, virtual couple YongSeo/SeoHwa also known as the “Sweet Potato” couple faced a driving test as their challenge. They both took up the task and even added a little fun into the mix by challenging each other to see who would have the better results.

Their competitive streak was already beginning to show during the written exam. The couple made a bet on the results. If there was more than a 5 point difference between their scores, the person with the lesser score would be punished.

But things were beginning to look a bit different when it came time for the actual driving test! While SeoHyun was calm and collected during the waiting period between the exams, poor YongHwa’s nervousness was beginning to show. He was visibly tense and could barely understand what Hyeon was saying to him!

Their competitiveness was no where to be found by the time it was their turn for the road test. The couple high-fived each other, offered each other words of encouragement and good luck, and then parted ways.

Despite parting is such an amicable mood, the couple soon discovered the road test was not going to be smooth sailing at all. YongHwa, while driving as he had learned and practiced before, felt his jaw drop during the test. Even calm, collected SeoHyun couldn’t keep her jaw from dropping!

Be sure to catch this episode when it airs on the 31st to find out the results of the driving test!

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