Aug 3, 2010

2PM’s Solo Concert was Too Sexy for 8 Year Olds?

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2PM recently wrapped up their first solo concert, which was deemed a success at first but now has been placed under the spotlight for being a little too inappropriate. To correlate with their reputation for being beastly idols, the boys performed what was described as a ‘highly sexual’ dance with a couple of female back dancers. After realizing that this concert was intended for 8 year olds and up, netizens grew enraged and started questioning the content of the performances.

After 2PM’s concert ended, a petition was created on Daum to protest against their performances. Netizens have left many comments, including the following:
Do you really think this is a performance fit for elementary and junior high school fans?”
GDragon’s concert looks noble in comparison.”
“2PM needs to pay a visit to the police station.”
“Rating the concert as 8+ is ridiculous.”
“Do they really think that those performances were appropriate?”
“Just listening to this makes me embarrassed.”
“Knowing that their fans are in their teens, this rating makes absolutely no sense.”
“I cannot understand at all how this was rated for 8 years olds.”
“There is no way that JYPE did not know that this controversy would have happened. Is he saying that he just doesn’t care anymore?”
“GDragon’s concert was rated for 12 year olds and he received much criticisms, prosecution summons, and even suicide requests. However, this time everyone is quiet. The law must be fair to everyone.”
“Since they’re beastly idols, I think they tried to go with something strong but I thin it was a bit too sexual”
“The sexually suggestive content was too extreme. The back dancers were laying down and their hands traveled far too up from their hips. A woman put her leg up on top of a 2PM member’s head… Can our nation’s 8 year olds truly watch this?”
“I visited this concert with my daughter, I thought I was going to die from embarrassment.”
“Are erotic performances appropriate for 8 year olds?”
“Did they forget the 1 in 18?”
However, netizens are not the only ones protesting against this concert. A music industry associate also reflected upon the performance, saying, “The performance was suggestive enough to be obscene. They really need to reevaluate the rating. Foreign performers always make the appropriate adjustments to their ratings in the case of sexy dances or obscene performances.”

As mentioned before, this dance was compared to Big Bang’s GDragon’s solo concert as well. A while back, GDragon’s 12+ concert was hit with allegations of being way too inappropriate for its rating, which was 12+. Compared to the scandal it caused, netizens feel that 2PM’s supposedly erotic couple dancing with women in fishnets is much worse in terms of inappropriateness. This dance was performed while the boys’ song, ‘Tired Of Waiting’ was being played.

In response to this outrage, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (who dealt with GDragon’s case)  issued a statement: “We have received civil complaints from 3 to 4 citizen groups about 2PM’s sexually suggestive concert. We are currently reviewing the related videos and pictures. If the material is determined to be harmful to young children, we will be publicizing this for further discussion.” So far, JYP Entertainment has not said much in regards to the controversy, although they did mention the following:

We have not made any detailed plans for the Busan concert. We will be giving you a response by tomorrow.”

Although statistics show that about 69% of tickets sold went to 30 to 40 year old fans, while 9% went to teenagers, netizens feel that this is still no excuse for the content found in 2PM’s dances. Disappointed, they are looking to see if the boys’ concerts in Busan from August 7-8 will allow them to clean up their act and stay within their advertised ratings.What do you think – was the dance much too suggestive or perfectly fine to watch with your little sibling?

Source: seoul news + asia today + tvreport + edaily

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